Many infectious diseases endemic in tropical countries are imported to Europe.  Knowledge on epidemiology and treatment of those infections like malaria, dengue fever or schistosomiasis is essential to design interventions for prevention and improving treatment.  Another example is Chagas disease – a poverty-related and „neglected“ infection endemic in Latin America. Due to increased migration, many people affected by Chagas disease now live in Europe and little is known about those living in Germany.

As living standars increase in developing countries, non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic lung disease become increasingly relevant as causes for morbidity and mortality.  Given our expertise in respiratory medicine, we aim to improve respiratory care in the global health context with a focus on East-Africa particularly in the fields of COPD, Asthma and tuberculosis.

Moreover, we have a specific interest in designing and implementing eHealth and mHealth solutions in order to improve efficacy of local healthcare systems and

Our main areas of interest are:

  • Respiratory health and tuberculosis in developing countries
  • Malaria and other imported tropical infections
  • Chagas Disease
  • eHealth / mHealth solutions for global health

To learn more about our work, watch the video below showcasing our recent work on imported severe malaria, and find more information on our projects, studies and publications on the pages on the left panel.

A video-summary of our work on imported severe malaria is available on Youtube.

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